Introduction to American Government

  • An introductory course on American government and politics, covering political institutions, political behavior, elections, and public policy. (CAS PO 111; Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2019)

Congress and Its Critics

  • A seminar on the United States Congress, the policy-making process, and congressional elections. Throughout, we will debate the common criticism that “Congress is broken” and consider Congress’ effectiveness as an institution. (CAS PO 302; Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2017, Spring 2019)

Formal Political Theory

  • An introductory course on formal theory, including topics in decision theory, game theory, and social choice theory. Topics include spatial models, electoral competition, bargaining, deterrence, and signaling models. (CAS PO 501; Spring 2015, Spring 2017)

Prohibition, Regulation, and Bureaucracy

  • In this class we use the American experience of Prohibition as a lens to understand a variety of political and policy issues, including the War on Drugs, crime and law enforcement, bureaucracies, regulation, taxation, and social movements. (CAS PO 540; Fall 2015)

Political Analysis

  • An introduction to methodological issues faced in empirical work across the social sciences, with primary reference to political science. Addresses issues using different empirical approaches – qualitative or quantitative, experimental or observational – to any sort of theory. (GRS PO 840; Fall 2016, Fall 2017)